New Year’s BIPA.


While there is no conclusive evidence, it’s possible the delay in posting is partly due to the fact that we recently cracked our first batch of homebrew. And with five gallons of anything, it takes a while to get to the computer and type up something…in English.

photo (1)

Just kidding.  [Promise.]

There is no excuse for the delay, or if there is, blame the Miami weather. Largely, it’s been so nice here, even your momma wants to spend time outside.

But really.

Without further ado, here it is, Pan Tropical’s first foray into homebrew.

We started with John Palmer’s basic first all-grain batch, which is a nice, dark brown ale. But then I swapped 2-row for the DME and added extra hops to make what is essentially a brown IPA. We kicked off the year with a batch of homebrew so officially, this is our New Year’s BIPA.

Overall, it’s pretty good. Very light on the tongue, super dry, and with a nice bitter finish. Unfortunately being Miami, the temperature during primary was a bit high (~76°), but any fruitiness from that temperature dissipates after the first sip. Up next will be our Kumquat Saison.

New Year’s BIPA
Batch size: 5 gallons

8 lb 2-row
1 lb Crystal 60
.25 lb Chocolate malt

.75 oz Nugget
1 oz Willamette
2.5 oz Citra

West Coat IPA, Wyeast

photo (8)

Strike temperature: 165° for 152° mash for 1 hour
Batch sparge with 172°

photo (7)
60 min boil: Nugget at 60, Willamette at 30, 1.5 Citra at 15, 1 Citra at 5

OG: 1.040
FG: 1.008

photo (6)

photo (2)photo (10)photo (9)


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